THE BUILDING SECTOR TO GATHER UNDER A SINGLE ROOF Aegean Build Summit, an event by Tüyap Fuar ve Fuarcılık Hizmetleri A.Ş. to to debut in İzmir will feature four fairs. Aegean Build Summit is poised to showcase all the building blocks of the sector on November 1 - 4, 2018 at fuarizmir International Fair Center AEGEAN BUILD SUMMIT fairs, set to host the architects of groundbreaking construction projects that boast a modern lifestyle, will be held at Fuarizmir International Fair Center. The fairs’ mission is to make a difference in Turkey,
with a particular focus on the Aegean Region.

Our intention with this exhibition is to bring together four major building industries under one roof and further bring out the potential of the Aegean Region of which we are already in the know. With a view to expanding the business in the region, we will continue to invest more in this fair. As we intensified our efforts towards planning and marketing this year, we are poised to offer the sector a fruitful event. The rising number of construction projects in the Turkish Aegean Region, an area lately drawing an increasing number of investments, boosted real estate sales in İzmir, unlike the predominant situation across Turkey. The completion of İstanbul - İzmir Motorway and the İzmir-Ankara High Speed Train Project will put the region in the limelight.

Foreign investors from Europe and several parts of the world launch residence villa and land projects in the Aegean Region. In İzmir, as annual demand for residences nears 30 thousand, 15 thousand residential projects that are currently under development are known to be valued at TL 20 billion in total. Added to the residential projects are business centers that have been rising one after another, marking a token of the sectoral revival. With the rise in demand, local authorities channel their efforts towards the supply of new lands. Considering the fact that transportation and development projects add an undeniably significant value to the city, this is only the beginning for the construction sector in the Aegean Region. The ongoing construction projects that cover an area from Karaburun to Çeşme are expected to cater to 50 thousand residents by 2019. Adorned with highways, bridges and railways throughout, the Aegean Region is becoming a treasure for Turkey. Once completed, these massive investments will make their home cities, particularly Çanakkale, Balıkesir, Manisa, İzmir and Aydın, the centers of manufacturing and logistics. In September, residence sales dropped by 5.1 percent month over month in Turkey,
in contrast to a 5.6 percent rise in İzmir.

As a side note on the EGE Real Estate Fair, it will meet the demand for real estate including residences, offices, lands and shops while offering a profitable range of investment opportunities to avail every budget. Our exhibitions will boost residence sales, creating value for local and national economy. We also think that urban transformation projects, which aim to change old structures and buildings at risk into healthy, secure and comfortable residences and revamp the face of a city, will enjoy a huge attention by the visitors. The fair will welcome major international investors at İzmir, a rising city in the construction sector. We believe in the fair to produce a number of remarkable partnerships between the Turkish Ministry of Economy, TÜYAP’s representative offices abroad, and the investors from Germany, Azerbaijan, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Algeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Palestine, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Qatar, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Kosovo, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Moldova, Russia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Oman, and Jordan. Our exhibition, featuring a wide array of residences, lands and stores that cater to every budget, will be open for visitors at Fuar İzmir between 10:00 AM and 19.00 PM on November 1 - 4, 2018
This year’s edition will gather the largest manufacturers of the sector, major global brands and qualified industrialists, producers and exporters under a single roof. Looking forward to welcoming everyone at our fairs..